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We are two farmers growing on two acres using no-till and bio-intensive methods to provide our community with vibrant, year-round, nutrient-dense food and medicine.

Our Maine roots are strong. Our love for food, farm, and community runs deep. Our passion for political and social action is engaged and thrives through our work. Our childhoods were full of fresh garden veggies and days spent playing in the woods, but we never conceived we'd grow up to be farmers. But here we are, crafting a livelihood from the land because for us, the sacred works of agriculture are direct moral and ethical actions. Growing food and medicine is the manifest of our personal philosophies, philosophies gleaned from diverse work, education, and travel experiences. Farming is our right way of living in this world. It is our dharma, our purpose in this life and our path of good. We believe dharma enhances life and through the action of farming, we honor this and our ethics- doing right for ourselves, the land and all the creatures it supports, our community, and larger world one seed at a time.


Dharma Farm was established in 2012 because we believe in the vital, life-giving force of whole foods and herbs, and know them to comprise the roots of personal, community and planetary health and wellness. We farm with the knowledge that healthy soils grow delicious vegetables, potent and healing medicinals, nourished communities, and contribute to a thriving ecosystem. Farming is a livelihood that nourishes our beings, our bellies, the soil with which we work, our customer's appetites, and our local community's economic strength and vitality. We cannot think of a more satisfying endeavor.

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