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Dharma Farmers


Jeffrey Knox and Abby Lydon have been growing together since 2012.


Before she was a dharma farmer, Abby was a  WWOOFer in New Zealand, an Ecology teacher,  farmhand and medicine-maker, Wellness Buyer at a local co-op and a private gardener and landscaper. She continues to add breadth and depth to her knowledge of growing, processing and working with our many and varied plant allies.

Jeffrey fell in love with vegetables while working in the produce sections of various natural food stores in southern Maine. When given an opportunity to work on a small farm, he leapt at the chance to get his hands dirty. He farmed for three years at Lalibela Farm as well as working with other local growers. His mission is to feed his family and produce and share the healthiest, most vital food and medicine with his community.

When not in the field, we can be found cooking and lacto-fermenting garden goods, foraging wild medicine and mushrooms, crafting herbal concoctions, dancing to live music, reading, swimming, hiking and spending time with our dogs Rosalie and Barlow, Jeff's daughter, Kalina, and friends and family.

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